My first foray into ‘proper’ writing.

My first foray into self-publishing… Thank you Amazon.

Would I do it again? Of course; I’ve already started.

‘A Foolish Voyage’ was published on Christmas Eve 2015. To date (Dec 2016) I’ve sold nearly 2000 Kindle versions and 150 paperbacks. I’m under no illusions, it’s no best seller, but for me that’s amazing.

More importantly the book has been steadily gaining positive reviews. 73 on (4.8 out of 5 stars) and 46 on (4.7 out of 5 stars).

I’ve also received many emails thanking me for writing the book, for giving inspiration, for giving pleasure. I’m humbled by that.

‘A Foolish Voyage’ tells the story of my early adventures at sea. It’s about sailing, living on a small boat and ultimately about overcoming life’s challenges. I’m proud of it.

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Now also available on AUDIBLE with narration by Denis Kleinman

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