Neil Hawkesford

A Writer Afloat

Out Of The Fog

‘A Foolish Voyage’ came easily into this world. My logbook entries and my memories just needed organising, the story was already written. It had been in my head for decades. I put my work out into the world with no expectations, I hoped it would entertain a few, I hoped would help a few, I hoped it would inspire a … Read More

A Metaphorical Slapping

I’ve been struggling to write recently. I don’t know what I’m trying achieve. I can’t figure out which direction to go in. It’s all just crap. I’m not a proper writer. That’s when the metaphorical slapping comes along. I get an email from an audiobook publishing outfit based in the U.S. state of Rhode Island. They have a division specialising … Read More

A Writer Must Write

A writer who does not write is not a writer. I am a writer, so I must write… Watch this space.

Here We Go Again

Yes, I know, it’s been too long since I posted here. It’s hard to write about writing when you’re not writing. Here I am though, back to writing again………… Feels good.  

Month One Thoughts

‘A Foolish Voyage’ went live on Amazon a month ago. It was a big step for me. My first book, my first venture into self-publishing. So how’s it been? I’ll split it down. First off, the stats. I’ve sold 342 Kindle versions and 16 paperbacks. I have no idea how that compares to the ‘average’ but I’m happy. It’s still … Read More

A Warm Glow

Wow. It’s the year Twenty Sixteen. Sounds like something out of science fiction doesn’t it? But no, it’s here and it’s now. As 2015 drew to a close I was totally focused on getting ‘A Foolish Voyage’ finished, formatted, and up on Amazon. As a newbie to this indie publishing lark it was a challenge. One that was made harder … Read More

Writing Through The Fear

In a few weeks I’ll finish writing my first eBook. It’s the start of what I hope will be an exciting new writing adventure for me, one that will provide both satisfaction and income. There’s a long road to travel before I get either of those things though, I’m only a few steps into the journey and the destination is … Read More