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WIP Report #16

The Stats: 7,546 Words this week (Av 1,509 Per Day) The stats show I’ve kept the momentum up this week, and as I approach one

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WIP Report #15

The Stats: 7,843 Words this week (Av 1,568 Per Day) I don’t do social media. Now’s not the time to explain my reasons. Of all

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WIP Report #14

OK, that’s my first full (5 day) week of writing done and dusted. 7,721 words added to the total – At an average of 1,544

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Opt Out or Die

This tweet popped up in my feed the other day and it really resonated with me. The modern world is managed by bureaucracies staffed with

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WIP Report #13

And so, it’s begun……. Tuesday saw me awake early and with only one thing on my mind. Today was the day I started writing. Despite

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