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A slow unproductive week this week, mainly due to a gum infection that depleted my energy and enthusiasm for anything other than feeling sorry for

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A Book Made Real

The author copies of A Foolish Escape finally arrived on Friday – What a relief! I’d done everything I could to make sure the paperback

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No Brass Band

It’s funny, you work for months, you obsess, you worry, you write and rewrite, you check and you recheck; then, finally, the appointed hour rolls

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Days To Go! NOW LIVE ON AMAZON! That’s it, the work is done.  A Foolish Escape Kindle and paperback versions will be launched into the

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No Man’s Land

This past week has felt a little strange. I’m kind of in limbo and yet with plenty to do, betwixt and between, in no man’s

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Pre-Order Buzz

Firstly, I want to say a huge thank you to those of you that have pre-ordered ‘A Foolish Escape’. It’s both humbling and gratifying to

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