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Current Project


I’ve written three non-fiction books, and I’m proud of them ……… however.

Can I with a clear conscience claim to be an author, when all I’ve done is told my own story?

I’ve decided I can’t. I’ve decided I need to find out if I’ve got what it takes to be a proper author.

So, over the next 18 months I’m going to write and publish a three-book historical fiction series.

Ambitious? Yes.  Doable? I think so.

I started writing the first draft of Book One  on 1st Nov 2022.

My target is to complete 90,000 words by 31st January 2023 – That’s about 1,363 words per day, writing 5 days a week.

Book One - 1st Draft Progress

If you’d like to follow along as I tackle this new project, keep an eye on the weekly WIP Reports on the BLOG.

Alternatively, follow me on Mastodon