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NaNoWriMo – Wk 2

As Mr Bon Jovi once said –

Woah, we’re halfway there

Yep, time flies and I now have fourteen consecutive days of writing under my belt averaging 1,734 words per day. So that’s 24,282 words in total. For those of you who can’t visualise what that looks like, it’s about 74 pages that’d take you roughly an hour forty-five minutes to read.

OK, I know, 14 isn’t half of 30 and 24,282 isn’t half of 50,000, but I write this blog on a Saturday so cut me some slack eh?

Anyway, to continue the Bon Jovi theme I’ve also been ‘livin on a prayer’ for most of this week.

What do I mean by that? Well, I’ve sat in front of the keyboard for most of my sessions without the first clue about what to write. That’s a new and scary experience for me.

But that’s the point.

This whole NaNoWriMo exercise is about stretching myself to do something I’ve never done before and to have fun doing it.

To be honest I’ve had to remind myself about the fun part. Earlier in the week I found myself stressing, worrying about what I was going to write, fearing I’d hit a brick wall and go out of the race.

But I shrugged my shoulders, started typing, and what do you know? The words just came along.

This morning was a good example. Yesterday I’d gotten the story into a dead end, at least it felt that way. I fired up the laptop wondering how the hell I was going to hit my 1,700 word target – I hit 2,009.

As an added bonus I finished the session knowing where I’m headed tomorrow.

Let’s hope it continues eh?

We’ll make it I swear!

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