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No Man’s Land

This past week has felt a little strange. I’m kind of in limbo and yet with plenty to do, betwixt and between, in no man’s land. I’ve written a book that no one has read. I’ve put the last full stop in the text but until the reader ‘flips’ the pages the book is not truly alive.

Every writer goes through this, it’s part of the job I guess.

Thanks to all of you that pre-ordered ‘A Foolish Escape’ and did the necessary to qualify for the bonus I offered.

When the shutters came down on Tuesday I had 44 folks on the list. That’s more than I expected and I’m very grateful… thank you.

I’m equally grateful to those who’ve pre-ordered outside of the bonus offer. As of this morning I’ve got 78 orders showing on my KDP report. That’s more than I had for my other two books and nice to see.

My work this week has focused on creating the bonus content I promised. There will be three elements to it and hopefully the recipients will be pleased with them. Whilst the pre-orderers will get exclusive access initially I plan to share some or all of content with others on my mailing list over the coming months so if you’ve not signed up yet now would be a good time to do it 😉

The next couple of weeks will continue to be ‘messy’ as I finish up this promotion work, tweak a few things and then get ready to push the launch button on October 1st. After that I’ll just sit back and watch the book fly up the bestsellers list!

Hey, there’s no harm in dreaming. I’ll actually be scared shitless waiting for the first reviews to appear 🙀. Only then will I know if I’ve done a good job.

I’ll leave you with a couple of photos I took the other day when Gail and I went for a stroll around Sennen Cove.

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