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Pre-Order Buzz

Firstly, I want to say a huge thank you to those of you that have pre-ordered ‘A Foolish Escape’.

It’s both humbling and gratifying to know that I have your support.

For me writing has been just as much of an adventure as my exploits at sea. 

Just like sailing it can be a hard slog and downright scary sometimes, but keep going and the reward will come as surely as the dawn.

I’m feeling blessed right now — Thank you.

To be honest I hadn’t expected so many people to place their orders and send me proof. So now I’ve created more work for myself putting together that promised bonus!

Don’t worry, it will be done and I’ve got a couple of cool ideas already. 

It’s surprising who wants to read it!

Anyway, before things get out of hand I’ll have to pull the shutters down on the pre-order bonus offer this Tuesday. So, if you want to get in then do it now!

This week I’ve mainly been working on the technical aspects of getting the paperback cover formatted and uploaded to Amazon. That work’s completed now and there’s a physical proof of the book en route to me. 

I’m excited to see it ‘in the flesh’ and fingers crossed, there’ll be no glaring problems.

For all the technology and tools available things never look the same on a screen as they do in real life. I’m looking forward to touching, smelling and reading an actual book next week.

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  1. Tom Cooke Tom Cooke

    I have lost track. When will the third book be published?

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