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The Gleda Project

Wait, What? --------Why am I here!

I'll Tell You Why...... It's Because

The 'Gleda' Project Is Over ....

Or Is It?

If you’re reading this you probably know much of the ‘Gleda’ story already. You deserve to know more.

I spent the best part of 8 years building a boat and building a dream. Thankfully those years of toil paid off, and in 2014 ‘Gleda’ became home for me and my partner Gail.

We sailed her from Falmouth in the UK to Cartagena in Spain. We got used to living the dream.

We planned to continue – But the Universe had different ideas.

Sailing taught us many things. One of the lessons was that we couldn’t always go in the direction we wanted. Sometimes the wind blows too hard against you.

In early summer 2018 the headwinds of life just kept getting stronger. We couldn’t go where we wanted to go and the forecast gave no hope of change.

Hard decisions had to be made. A few months later ‘Gleda’ was sold.

‘Gleda’ had been my life for 14 years. From a set of paper plans to a home on the sea. She’d taken me from the depths of despair to the heights of happiness. Letting her go was never going to be easy.

But the Universe must have felt guilty for sending those headwinds. She decided to ease my pain a little.

So she sent the perfect person to keep the ‘Gleda’ dream alive.

He appeared in the form of a tall handsome German by the name of Michael.

He’d followed the project from day one. His blog comments and emails had sustained and encouraged me right through the build. We’d never met but we shared the dream.

Michael wanted to buy ‘Gleda’ and I wanted him to have her.

At first it looked impossible. Timing and bureaucracy tried to intervene. But the Universe was on our side, it cleared the way.

A few weeks later Gail and I were able to welcome Michael and his wife Andrea aboard ‘Gleda’. We took them sailing in the bay. They couldn’t have been happier.

Michael said he felt privileged to be the new owner.

I know he’ll look after ‘Gleda’. 

I know ‘Gleda’ will look after him.

So if you’ve been a follower of  The ‘Gleda’ Project I thank you. It’s been a hell of a ride.

But life is change. New adventures await. It’d be great if you stuck with me.

Oh and lastly, if you’re interested in building a Wharram catamaran, Tiki 38 or not, you might like to invest in a copy of my book ‘A Foolish Odyssey’. It’ll either put you off the idea completely or confirm your insanity. Either way it’ll be worth it!

Fair Winds All