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Week 24 Writing Update

Another good week of progress with the second draft of ‘Foolish Escape’. I’m 62% through now.

I’m making much faster progress than anticipated, which is great, as that means more time for editing.

The screenshot shows part of the manuscript in my writing software. It’s divided into headings and subheadings at the moment, Chapters and sections will come when I do the formatting.

I still haven’t reduced the total word count any. Perhaps I’m not being ruthless enough. Just yesterday, while going through a chapter relating to our time on the Rio Guadiana, I remembered a funny story that fully deserves to be told again. So if anything, I’m increasing it.

Oh well, there’s plenty of time for slash and burn later. What’s important is to tell the story right in the first place.

Away from ‘Foolish Escape’ I got the first newsletter posted up on ‘THE EXPERIENTIALIST’.

It’s called The Hidden Secrets of Time’ and I enjoyed writing it. Pleasingly I’m already reaching a new audience over on Substack and I’m finding my work there very rewarding. It’s early days yet, but I’m excited by the possibilities this new platform open up to me.

If you haven’t visited THE EXPERIENTIALIST yet please go take a look, I’d love to know what you think. If you subscribe you’ll get beautifully formatted newsletters straight to your inbox as soon as I publish them.

I’ll leave you with a photo I took this morning.

Gail and I drove over to Porthtowan on the north Cornwall coast. We walked up over the cliffs towards Chapel Porth. This photo was taken looking north east. That’s St Agnes Head in the distance with the offlying rocks called The Crams. Holywell Bay and Newquay are hidden away on the far side.

We’ve had some heavy rain here these past few days and, as you can see, the cloud is still with us. But with views like this just 20 minutes from home I shan’t complain.

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