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Week 25 Writing Update

Good progress this week. I’ve now finished the second draft of ‘Foolish Escape’ and will be starting the first edit next week.

As things turned out the second draft finished up at 87,625 words, 1000 more than the first. That’s because I’d forgotten to include a little incident that simply had to be included.

That’s all right. The story has to be told properly.

So, I’m ahead of schedule, but I’m not getting ahead of myself. I know the editing will be a long process, and it’s got to be done right.

OK, so now I need your help.

After some playing around I’ve managed to produce a cover design I like.

What do you think?

If you’ve got a minute please drop me a line and let me know.

You can do that privately via the CONTACT FORM

Or leave a comment down below – Thanks

In other news –

There’s a new post up on THE EXPERIENTIALIST.

It’s about Zombies, you might enjoy it. And don’t forget, if you subscribe you’ll get those posts sent straight to your inbox.

Have a good week.

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  1. Val Val

    Looks great, very inventive. Don’t know what laying a ghost means. Is it a sailing term?

  2. Rob Rob

    Great book cover. Not sure you need the word foolish any more because I think you’re living your dream like so many of want to do, but are not brave enough to up roots and do it! Also, thought you’d already ‘layer the ghost’ but guess you have even more to reveal. Very much looking forward to its release as your previous books have been amazing.

  3. Andy Andy

    Looks like an American self help book cover but I guess that’s what your books are and will speak to a wider audience outside the sailing community.

    I’ve enjoyed your first two books and look forward to reading your third.

    I’ve tried downloading your free book but it doesn’t seem to work??

  4. Rob (the second(er!))? Rob (the second(er!))?

    For a minute I was astounded. I read Rob’s comments and thought, to myself, “How did I post this comment and not remember doing it!?” The reason being that I fully concur with Rob’s comments and reading them I thought that I could have actually written them, myself. Doh! Fortunately, I very quickly recovered and can only say “I second them” (Rob’s comments.).
    There must be something in this experientialism.
    I would also add that I showed, She who must be obeyed and woe betide you if you don’t, the cover. Her comment was: “I like that! It’s really quite good, actually!” High praise indeed from someone who, regrettably, hasn’t read your work. The freedom from the shackles struck a chord.
    For myself who has read your works to date I would have to think that the flight from the chains is toward the Sunrise and not the Setting Sun. Obviously I am/we, all, are eagerly awaiting the reading of the content of the next book so I have to be careful about further commenting on the cover – since You explain that you have produced a cover that you like which doesn’t leave much room for manoeuvre(!) – but I am sure that you value all types of feedback!
    Personally, I would leave off “Book 3 of the “Foolish” Trilogy.” Too much finality for me, an avid reader of your work. I hope that you can continue recounting on past the end of the Trilogy of “A Foolish.”
    Of course, Marketing is possibly the be all and end all of a measurement of success so perhaps the fact that this is the third book in “The Foolish” series could be incorporated inside the front cover thus enticing new readers to very quickly go out and buy “Voyage” and “Odyssey” if they were of a mind to read the books in order. I am confident that once they read “Escape” the they will do this, anyway.
    I would leave off “LAYING A GHOST -” I would leave just “SAILING A DREAM”
    If one were to be targeting the “Zombie” – sorry, mass consumer market – the Title, Picture, a one or two or three word synopsis and Author’s name should be sufficient. A la “Voyage” and “Odyssey.” The “laying a ghost” is something that I am very doubtful about and may very well mean all sorts of things to your existing followers but to any one new to your work from the aforementioned mass consumer market then they may very well be disappointed if they are looking for something from the supernatural(!) – but then, of course, I haven’t yet read the “Foolish Escape.”
    Keep up the good work and I’ll keep anticipating. Still, no pressure, though.

  5. Neil Neil

    Thanks Rob, much appreciate your thoughts. Complete redesign in process, watch this space!

  6. Neil Neil

    Thanks Andy, your thoughts have been incorporated into the new design.
    Please email me via the website contact form and let me know what kind of eReader device you use. I’ll send you a copy of ‘Swinging the Lamp’ direct.

  7. Neil Neil

    Thanks Rob
    A valid point about the ‘Foolish’ tag, but I’m committed to it for this final bok in the trilogy. Hope you enjoy it.

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