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Week 26 Writing Update

I confess to having taken it easy this week. We were on the beach three days running 🙂

Low biorhythms and some decent weather made that an easy, even sensible, choice.

Getting out on the SUP did me a power of good. If I paddle half a mile offshore and face the horizon I can convince myself I’m way out at sea. There’s no better therapy.

Unsurprisingly the weather didn’t last and I was soon back at my desk.

The first stage of editing ‘A Foolish Escape’ is now 23% complete. I’ll tell you more about the process I’m using next week.

I also got a short post up on THE EXPERIENTIALIST. It’s about change. You can check it out HERE.

Finally I went back to the drawing board with the cover design. The feedback I got from you all was amazing and super helpful. Thanks again to those that responded.

I took all of the ideas and suggestions and kept them in mind while I played with alternatives.

Here’s what I came up with:

The base photo I used is of me sitting on the bow when we were sailing off Cartagena one day. I know that ‘Living The Dream’ can be interpreted in different ways but in this context I think it’s perfect. Because that’s exactly what I was doing.

That said, I’m open to other suggestions. There’s plenty of time yet. Please do let me know what you think.

Have a great week.

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