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Week 29 – Writing Update

I kept the momentum up this week. Editing is harder than writing but it’s essential to get it right.

It’s a demanding job and so a bit of time out on the SUP has helped keep the batteries charged. And no, I didn’t feel at all guilty!

The first stage edit is almost complete. Everything has been run through the Professional Writing Aid (PWA) software and now I’m just waiting for Gail to proofread the last batch of 18,000 words.

Thanks to a recent update to my Ulysses writing software I’ve now modified the second stage process slightly.

It was always my intention to run everything through another spelling and grammar checker, probably Grammarly.

But just this week Ulysses have integrated LanguageTool Plus proof-reading software into their editor, which means I can now check everything ‘in house’.

So far, it’s working well and has picked up a few issues missed by PWA.

After that, I plug everything into an iPad App called ‘Writer’ created by an outfit called

‘Writer’ is a clean and simple text to speech application I’ve used for a couple of years now.

The female voice it generates is pleasant on the ear, I can control the reading speed and the controls make it easy to stop, make a correction and start listening again.

I find that hearing my words read by a ‘third party’ is far superior to reading them aloud myself, and also far easier to do.

Listening to what I’ve written gives me a real sense of how other people will ‘hear’ the story, and it’s an amazingly efficient way of picking up on issues that proofreading always seems to miss.

It is a slow process though, that’s why I’ve allowed till the end of August to complete it. This week I’ve got 7,334 words run through.

In other writing news there’s a new post up on The Experientialist. It’s called ‘Open Minds Matter’ and I really enjoyed writing this one.

It’s be great if you’d check it out, and don’t forget to subscribe. That way you’ll get a beautifully formatted version straight into your inbox every week,

Next week I’ll tell you an interesting story about another little writing project I’ve started.

Until then, have a great week.

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