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Week 35 – It Lives!

It’s been a long slog.

I started writing this book nearly two years ago and I can’t quite believe the job is nearly done.

But it is, and I’m feeling proud.

A Foolish Escape is now available to pre-order (Kindle only) on your local Amazon store.

It will be released on 1st October.

Pre-orders are important to me. Amazon uses pre-orders as one of their metrics to rank books in the listings.

Put simply, the more pre-orders — the more likely they will promote the book.

So, I have a favour to ask.

If you think you’d like to read A Foolish Escape would you please head over to Amazon and place a pre-order?

You won’t be charged until the release date of 1st October and the book will be auto-delivered to your device on that date.

As a thank you I’m putting together a little bonus pack that will compliment the book.

Just send proof of your order (a screenshot of the Amazon thank you page or your email receipt) to, and I’ll get the ‘thanks’ pack out to you 1st week in October.

This week I’ll be tidying up the final manuscript, adding a few maps and photos, and getting the paperback cover completed.

I guess I’d better start thinking about my next book eh? (Any suggestions most welcome). 👍

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  1. Jack Bogong (Bob Steel) Jack Bogong (Bob Steel)

    Really enjoyed your first book. You are a very brave man to embark on what proved to be a futile adventure. Coastal sailing is vastly different to ocean passages. No close ports to slip into if necessary. Pity you had to sell your little boat!

    I sent you the receipt for the pre-order for A Foolish Escape.

    I used my real name – Bob Steel, but my ‘name’ on Amazon is Jack Bogong. I use for most on-line activity.

    There is a story behind my use of “Jack Bogong” which I might tell you sometime.

  2. Neil Neil

    Thanks Bob. you’re on the list!
    A nice story hook you left dangling there – Do tell

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