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WIP Report #21

The Stats: 5,526 Words this week (Av 1,382 Per Day)

First Draft Total Now: 66,746 Words

I missed a writing day this week, but that’s OK.

Two months in, and with my word count sitting at 74% of the 90,000 target, I’m ahead of schedule.

There are 22 working days in January and with my daily target now down to 1,057 words there’ll be no problem getting to the finish line.

That said, I’m pretty sure that the finish line will turn out to be a mirage in any case. The way I feel at the moment this first draft will just continue into 2023 until it reaches some sort of conclusion.

There’s a saying that goes something like:

“Man plans – God laughs”

Well, as far as this project goes, ‘writing’ is god.

I just need to keep laughing along with it.

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