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WIP Report #23

The Stats: 7,123 Words this week (Av 1,424 Per Day)

First Draft Total Now: 80,832 Words

It feels like I’ve written on autopilot this week.

I’ve turned up at the keyboard, opened Scrivener, and just started typing with no real sense of what I wanted to write.

Actions and dialogue appeared as I went along, as if by magic.

It all sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

And to some extent it is. Because I’ve discovered the truth in that well worn writing wisdom – Just start!

But I also know I mustn’t get carried away, because all I’m really doing right now is creating more work for me to do in the future.

You know that other piece of well worn writing wisdom, the one that says the first draft is always shit?

Well, I’ve discovered there’s truth in that one too.

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